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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Description: The school draws its strength from its name ‘Pace-setters’ meaning ‘stepping in the lead’. The school’s motto speaks for itself; setting the pace. Pace-setters’ schools are situated in four locations all within the Abuja Municipal Area Council in the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria, West Africa
Hits: 1341  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 31 users  Added: 12/11/2008
Description: Thematic,documentary and exhibited pictures from Nigeria in limited edition prints and as stock digital image files. An online gallery of the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria and African pictures.
Hits: 2208  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 24 users  Added: 12/10/2007
Description: This is an online journal of everthing you need to know about president Yar'Adua
Hits: 1693  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 37 users  Added: 11/23/2007
Description: United Nations: Permanent Mission of Nigeria in New York
Hits: 848  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 96 users  Added: 5/25/2003
Description: The most powerful property marketting site in Nigeria that enables buyers 6 different properties pictures and 2000 word property description.
Hits: 2513  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 549 users  Added: 1/9/2003
Description: prepares and disseminates current, complete, and accurate information about the Nigerian government's activities and thinking on all political, social, and economic matters.
Hits: 2513  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 106 users  Added: 6/6/2003
Description: Keep up with friends and family ! Publish your content whether your a new artist or not music video,culture videos & any of your Naija /Africa stuff Share your videos & photos Check out the Nollywood movie star profiles blogs & forum View the forum and input your comments..
Hits: 1228  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 20 users  Added: 6/24/2008
»  PLS
Description: Nigeria web designer,webdesign in Nigeria,Content management,blogs,forums,ecommerce.
Hits: 902  |  Rating:Rating 4.0( 4.0 ) by 29 users  Added: 11/1/2008
Description: This site showcases information on the background, life, goals, achievements, and dreams of Philip Effiong II and his family.
Hits: 1314  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 32 users  Added: 8/22/2006
Description: is an online city portal; striving to show-case the tourism potentials at the same time providing at the finger tips of every one; goods and services in Port Harcourt Rivers State.
Hits: 823  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 3 users  Added: 2/13/2008
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» President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua
This is an online journal of everthing you need to know about president Yar'Adua...
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