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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Description: Sytstem Digits a registered company here in Nigeria is involved in Webhosting, Webdesign, Bulksms, Computer maintenance, computer sales and other informaton technology bussiness.
Hits: 359  |  Rating:Rating 5.0( 5.0 ) by 1 users  Added: 9/11/2012
Description: We Offer Cheap and Quality Web Hosting and Domain Registration Services in Nigeria. Host a Website for as Cheap as 2500 Naira a year and get a FREE domain Name.
Hits: 548  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 18 users  Added: 1/23/2007
Description: Svengali Designs Limited is a leader in the Nigerian interior design, furniture manufacturing, stainless-steel manufacturing and luxury furniture sector. We design and develop private residence, corporate offices and real estate projects, from room decoration to complete architectural planning.
Hits: 502  |  Rating:Rating 5.0( 5.0 ) by 1 users  Added: 11/3/2011
»  Surprise Radio Hot! Thumbs up
Description: Surprise Radio has become an emerging force in UK afro-carribean broadcasting and has now gone global via the World Wide Web. Formed on January 2nd 2004 by the renowned Nigerian presenter, MC and artiste, Akindele Oladiran Akisanmi (AKA Akin-Omo-Akin) and
Hits: 1905  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 179 users  Added: 5/9/2003
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Description: SunRise Academy is dedicated to the education and remediation of students with a wide range of learning and emotional disabilities. SunRise recognizes the importance of parental involvement in the development of young people and therefore welcomes
Hits: 942  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 35 users  Added: 1/6/2008
Description: Nigerian News Website
Hits: 332  |  Rating:Rating 4.0( 4.0 ) by 15 users  Added: 1/4/2010
Description: A firm of barristers & solicitors with bias in admiralty, immigration and general practice.
Hits: 553  |  Rating:Rating 2.0( 2.0 ) by 9 users  Added: 8/15/2006
Description: Sultan's Steel Door was founded under the umbrella of Somuncu Group which started trading in 1998. Sultan's Steel Door, by working innovative and with customer-oriented service concept since its establishment, , continues to move forward with confidence towards the top positions without compromising the quality of the sector.
Hits: 375  |  Rating:Rating 5.0( 5.0 ) by 1 users  Added: 12/3/2012
Description: The site is strictly meant to help students across the globe,most especially Nigeria students succeed in their academic pursuit.
Hits: 751  |  Rating:Rating 3.0( 3.0 ) by 19 users  Added: 11/9/2008
Description: (SUE) is an engineering process that has evolved considerably over the past few decades. It utilizes several technologies, including vacuum excavation and surface geophysics. Its use has become a deep routine for requirement on highway projects in many states.
Hits: 387  |  Rating:Rating 5.0( 5.0 ) by 1 users  Added: 11/23/2012
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